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Getting Started with LMES



Logging in LMES


Logging in LMES

Access LMES at:

Once you type in the URL in your web browser, you will arrive at the portal page of LMES as below. This is the public face of the tool and is viewable by anyone with web access.


To login to the LMES, simply click and enter your ITSC account information in the page that follows.




Once you sign on to LMES, you will automatically open a site called My LMES. My LMES includes the following four windows:

- LMES UST Course List -- The Course List shows you a list of LMES sites (e.g. course sites, project sites) that you have access to.

- Recent Announcements -- Shows you recent announcements from all classes and project sites in which you are a member of.

- Message of the Day -- Shows you the up-to-date message from LMES administrator.

- Schedule -- Your Schedule tool can be used to track appointments and other items you would include on a personal scheduler.